With electricity prices on the rise, it’s always a smart idea to get ahead of the curve and protect your hard-earned money from expensive power bills. That’s where solar comes in—saving is easy, especially with our financing program, which can go as low as 0%.

It’s an exciting feeling to finally have your new solar PV system installed. A new system means producing your own clean energy and a lower power bill to show off to all your friends and neighbours. When we design your system, we take your consumption into account to save you as much money as possible.

We understand the exciting anticipation of getting that first power bill after your system is installed and running. Unfortunately, sometimes the new numbers aren’t always what you expected. If you’re wondering why your power bill is higher than you might have thought, we have a couple of reasons you can look into.

Did My Energy Usage Change?

Although it’s definitely not always the case, some people do start using more electricity once their system is installed. This unfortunately means you’ll need to take back more electricity from the grid if your panels aren’t producing enough. You can check how much electricity you’ve been using by looking at the amount of energy your panels have been producing and how many kWhs you’re sending and taking back from the grid.

Time Of Year

Your solar production will be affected by weather and the seasons, with most of your production happening during the warmer summer months due to longer days and consistent sunshine. You should still be able to produce and bank enough energy during the summer to cover your needs during the winter. However, you might still have to draw back a little extra during the cloudier and colder months, especially if your system was installed during the winter.

Solar System

If you experience a sudden decrease in production, there might be an issue with your system. Don’t worry; we have an after-service team ready to assist you and fix any problems that might arise.

Going Solar With Polaron

Getting a higher-than-expected utility bill can be frustrating. At Polaron, we want to make sure you’re happy and satisfied with your system at all times. If you have any concerns or questions about your system’s production, our team is ready to help. Please feel free to reach out to us at after-service@polaronsolar.com whenever you need us!

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