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Polaron Makes It Easy For Businesses To Go Solar In Canada

We make going solar an easy business decision.

Call1-888-318-1988 now or fill out the form below to get your free estimate
How did you hear about us?

We make going solar an easy business decision.

Call 1-888-318-1988 now or fill out the form below to get your free estimate
How did you hear about us?

Why Polaron? Top 4 reasons to Choose Polaron

Enduring Solar History

Despite numerous provincial policy and program changes, Polaron maintains the most extensive residential portfolio in Canada.

After Service Assured

Solar is a long term investment, and choosing Polaron means that your investment will be protected—even long after your install.

Top Tier Products

Polaron clients benefit from products with not only the strongest reputations in the industry but the most robust warranties.


With industry-leading loan programs, Polaron helps Canadians go solar without hurting their pockets.

We help you go solar in 6 easy steps

1. Free Consultation

Talk to one of our solar specialists to see what system needs you and your family would require. Our team will provide you with a free proposal that will show you how much you can generate on your roof as well as an indepth savings analysis

2. System Design

After careful measurements our team will finalize the system design with you to ensure a safe and secure installation

3. Rebate & Permit Application

All rebate and permit applications are taken care of from our professional engineering team

4. Installation

Installs are broken into 2 parts, one for the placement of the panels and the other to connect everything to the home and the grid

5. Final inspection & Activation

A final inspection with both Polaron and a third party electrician is done to ensure everything was installed correctly and according to plan

6. Monitoring and Maintenance

Your install isn’t the end of our relationship—it’s only the beginning. With over seven years in the industry and financial stability you can rest assured that Polaron will be there to handle any issues that arise.

Reduce your energy bills, for good.

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