With the solar industry booming in the last decade, choices can be plentiful when looking for a solar PV installer in your area. How do we set ourselves apart from the rest with so much competition? 

At Polaron, we’ve developed a simple 0% Sunline financing program without large upfront costs to help remove the typical financial hurdles of going solar. Customers can be cash positive by the end of their financing term and expect full savings for the remainder of the panel’s lifespan. With newer panels reaching over 30 years of meaningful production, savings can last for many years after the financing term is complete. 

How Can Polaron Offer Such Low Rates?

A good solar installer puts their customers first. That’s why we created our unique Sunline financing program that keeps upfront low and savings high. It might sound too good to be true, which is why we’re going to break down how we make all of this possible. 

We can offer such competitive prices because we’re backed by a 30 MW long-term PPA in Ontario. Our surplus of selling energy in Ontario is allocated to the east coast to bring down interest rates–one of the many benefits of being the number one solar installer in Canada.

The goal has always been to create innovative programs that make transitioning to solar as financially beneficial as possible. 

Our 0% Sunline Financing Terms by Province

We currently operate in five provinces across Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We’ve set up optimized programs in each province to ensure our customers receive the best return on investment.

Prince Edward Island: 0% for a 12-year financing term

Nova Scotia: 0% for a 13-year financing term

British Columbia: 0.99% for a 16-year financing term (can go as low as 0%)

Ontario:  0.99% for a 16-year financing term (can go as low as 0%)

Alberta:   0.99% for a 16-year financing term (can go as low as 0%)

Rates vary because each province has their own local policies that we follow. However, we try to offer the lowest rates possible for each province. We’re working on expanding our solar reach to improve accessibility for Canadians everywhere. 

How does our 0% financing program work?

We calculate monthly payments by dividing the total system cost by the number of months in your financing term. In most cases, savings from your panels should be enough to significantly reduce your power bills for the year, meaning your monthly payment will replace what you would have been paying for your power bills. 

Keep in mind that while those bills continue to skyrocket, your monthly payment plan with us is guaranteed to stay the same throughout your financing term. We understand it can be discouraging to see those numbers on your power bills increase every year despite usage being the same. We’ve specifically designed our programs to provide security against increasing bills to help our customers avoid financial stress.

Once the term is over, we transfer ownership entirely to our customers. This means no more monthly payments or expensive electricity costs. You can now freely produce your own power to use any time you want.

Get started with us today for a free solar quote and see if you qualify for our incredible 0% Sunline  program.