Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Are the solar panels expensive?


Will solar panels work in overcast climates?


Why microinverters are better than traditional inverters?

Unlike traditional string inverters that have a central inverter for the entire system, microinverters convert direct current into alternating current at module level to maximize energy conversion and to avoid fire hazard that can be caused by the high voltage on your rooftop. It is not only more efficient and safer but also much easier for maintenance. Our APSystem microinverter also works with a module-level monitoring system called EMA. You can log into the system by cell phone or computer to check the production in real-time.

What warranties and insurance protect the system?

You get a 25-year performance warranty for your solar panels and a 10-year product warranty. During installation and post-installation on equipment, we carry a minimum limit of liability of $5,000,000. For the LONGI solar modules, there is third-party insurance provided by Munich RE. Additionally, Polaron offers a 2-year labor warranty. Furthermore, the APSystems microinverter comes with a 10-year warranty that is extended to 20-years by Polaron (Polaron has pre-paid for the extended warranty). All of the mentioned warranties make Polaron’s solar panel system a worry-free investment.

Why should we support solar in Canada?

Solar photovoltaic energy is the fastest-growing source of electricity in Canada. There are different programs available across Canada that help minimize your carbon footprint and subsidize the cost of investing in your solar system. Climate change continues to be an essential topic in Canada, as this phenomenon affects us all. Save money and save the environment all in one shot.


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What differentiates Polaron from other solar companies?

a. Experience. We are one of the fastest-growing and most experienced solar companies in Canada. We are now supported by a billion-dollar solar investing company that has given us the stability required in an ever-changing marketplace.

b. Top-tiered products with competitive pricing. We provide competitive workmanship warranty services, and you can be assured that we will be present for the long haul

c. Unique programs that help more going solar more accessible and more affordable. Minimizing the impact of an investment this size to ensure you reap the benefits earlier than later.

d. Hassle-free. We take care of the paperwork, inspection, and working with the municipalities and other related authorities. We make a difference with the excellent services we provide. If you require more detail, please reach us by calling (647) 557-1207 or email to info@polaronsolar.com.

What is Polaron’s full turnkey solution?

Our full turnkey solution provides you with a complete package of top-tier products and professional services to ensure a hassle-free experience when you are installing a solar panel system for your home. We will take care of everything so that all you need to do is lean back, switch the system on, and start saving money.

How does solar power work?

Solar panels will convert the sunlight (protons) into direct current (DC) electricity. The inverters and micro inverters then take DC energy and convert it to Alternating Currents (AC), which is safe, usable energy. Therefore, every day when the sunlight hits your roof, your rooftop will be generating electricity and paying itself off with renewable energy. The solar energy powers your home directly, and the excess energy will be sent back to the local utility grid as dollar credit for your next utility bill.

How much can I save by adopting solar?

Depending on how much energy you currently use at home, the savings will vary. We will design a system that maximizes savings by using highly efficient panels and incorporating a system layout that utilizes areas with the most sun exposure. Contact us to get a free proposal, let’s take care of the rest for you!

What happens if I sell the house?

No worries! Our team will help you transfer your solar contract to the new homeowners! Please contact our team in advance so that we can prepare the paperwork for you. We suggest you inform potential buyers early to make sure the process is smoother! Also, if it happens during the leasing term, you can buy out the system at any time and group the price. According to the research conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, houses with rooftop solar panels can be sold faster and at a higher price, compared with a similar home without one*.


Appraising Solar Energy’s Value

Solar Homes Sold 20% Faster, and for 17% More, NREL Study Finds

Why should I purchase solar panels instead of solar shingles?

Solar shingles are half efficient as solar panels because they need ventilation. Not only that, they are twice the price and aren’t designed for Canadian climates or weather conditions.

I am retiring or I will be retired in a few years. Am I too old to go solar?

The majority of our clients are retiring or will retire in a few years from now. They will have to live on a fixed income and want to protect their family against the rising cost of electricity. By investing in solar, you protect your budget, increase the value of your home (as solar is an appreciating asset), and make a positive impact on future generations.

How does Net metering work?

Net metering allows you to send electricity generated from your solar system directly to your home. If you produce more energy than you consume, the excessive power will flow to your local power grid for a credit towards your electricity bill. Excess generation credits can be carried forward for a period between 1 – 3 years depending on your local distribution company.

How many steps do I need to get a solar system?

There are several steps to prep and install solar energy:

1) Site assessment

2) System design

3) Structural Design

4) Engineering Design Stamp

5) Local Distribution Company (LDC) request to connect application

6) Rebate applications

7) Building Permit Application

8) Hardware Packaging & Prep

9) Panel Installation

10) Electrical Installation

11) Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Assessment

12) Issue ESA certificate to LDC

13) Final inspection & commission

14) Utility interconnection

15) Issue ESA to confirm rebate

16) Close Building Permit with Municipality

17) Monitoring & maintenance

Too complex? Don’t worry. Polaron provides a turnkey solution, where our expert team will assist you every step of the way. We take care of the paperwork, inspection, and working with the municipalities. We will make your solar experience as hassle-free as possible! Please feel free to reach us by calling (647)557-1207, or sending an Email to sales@polaronsolar.com

How long will it take to get my solar system ready?

In most cases, it will take around 4-6 months from site assessment to the moment the system is online. However, the length of the period will vary from home to home, depending on the application process, weather conditions, etc. However, we will try our best to speed up the process.

Who will install the solar panels?

Our company employs local, and Polaron certified installers and technicians who will install the solar system on your rooftop to ensure a seamless process.

What kind of finance options do I have?

Polaron has a variety of programs to meet your current financial situation. Contact us for more details, please reach us by calling (647)557-1207, or send an email to sales@polaronsolar.com about what programs are available in your area.

What is the return on investment?

The return on investment is contingent on which program you wish to go with and the rebate available in your province. Many of our customers are experiencing an immediate ROI, meaning the cost each month is outpaced by the savings from day one or close to it. In short, your lifestyle does not need to change, and you can start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

Will going solar affect my property tax?

We also encourage you to contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to discuss how your project may affect your municipal property taxes. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) has created a website with information available on how having solar panels installed on your property may impact your property taxes. Typically, Small-size ground installations, with a generation capacity up to 10 kW, will not see an increase in assessed value or a change in classification.

Do I require special insurance to cover my solar power system?

Our company carries commercial general liability insurance to ensure the quality of work. We do recommend that you contact your home insurance company or broker to confer with them regarding your insurance policy before signing. Individual companies may have policies Polaron is not aware of. You may be able to insure the panels under your standard home insurance.

Can the roof shingles be replaced after the system is installed?

Yes. But the panels need to be taken down first and put back on after the shingles have been replaced. The customer shall bear the cost of the removal and re-installation. Typically, if the shingles are near the end of their lifespan, our company recommends that the shingles be replaced before installation, with the solar panels, are built on top of the shingles, they naturally form extra protection for anything underneath.

After installation, Will my roof leak?

The proper installation of a solar system will not result in your roof leaking. We have a two-year workmanship warranty for 5 million dollars for all the work done on your roof.

Will my system require maintenance?

No! Solar panel systems are made of durable tempered glass and have no moving parts, which means there is nothing to maintain. If something does happen, your system monitoring app will alert you, and you have a 25-year performance warranty on the panels to cover any issues.

Do I need to clean the snow off my panels?

Polaron does not encourage any removal of snow or ice on the panels especially rooftop systems. Please know that the increase in production for the entire year would be approximately 5% which is not worth the risk of cleaning snow off your panels.

Will animals live under or ruin my panels?

Polaron installs critter guards on your solar system to help prevent animals from entering your system. This is the mesh that is wrapped around the ends of your solar system.

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