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Why Alberta Should Go Solar

The Canada Greener Home Grant makes going solar in AB more affordable than ever. The grant offers eligible homeowners up to $1,000 per kW of solar installed on their home (to a maximum of $5000). It also provides up to $600 for the cost of pre-and post-install EnerGuide evaluations, bringing the total savings to $5,600. Take action now! The grant is being offered nationwide to a maximum of 700,000 homes; with the boom in solar popularity across the country and the potential to use the funding for other retrofit projects, you don’t want to miss out on the potential savings.


of the sunniest places in Canada, and is geographically primed for solar.

The only deregulated market that allows for customized optimiztion by switching energy rates: Export power at a higher rate to offset consumption at lower rate.
Sounds sophisiticated? Sit tight leave the optimization with Polaron’s Solar experts.

How Does Solar Work in Alberta

Photovoltaic cells absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into a DC electric current.
A solar inverter converts that DC current into an AC electric current for use in the home.
Your electrical panel then sends this electricity throughout your home to power your electronics.
Excess power that is not used by the home will be sent to the grid for credit which can be used for the future. A bi-directional meter will be installed to record these credits.
Paying for electricity is like renting a farm/business. Making payments every
month,adding no equity, and never seeing that money again.

Bills will only increase every year, but you cannot stop it.
Paying for solar is an investment into an appreciating asset on your home.

Solar will limit the effects of increased energy costs.

Why Polaron in Alberta

Largest Residential Solar Company in Canada is Now in Your Community

Established since 2013, Polaron has become to Canada largest residential solar company. With 10,000 + solar installations nationwide. While the company has its home office in Ontario, it has local offices in Alberta, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia.

From inquiry to install—and beyond—Polaron is helping Alberta residents discover long-term savings with solar

1. Free Consultation

Talk to one of our solar specialists to see what system needs you and your family would require. Our team will provide you with a free proposal that will show you how much you can generate on your roof as well as an in-depth savings analysis

2. System Design

After careful measurements our team will finalize the system design with you to ensure a safe and secure installation

3. Rebate & Permit Application

All rebate and permit applications are taken care of from our professional engineering team

4. Installation

Installs are broken into 2 parts, one for the placement of the panels and the other to connect everything to the home and the grid

5. Final inspection & Activation

A final inspection with both Polaron and a third party electrician is done to ensure everything was installed correctly and according to plan

6. Monitoring and Maintenance

Your install isn’t the end of our relationship—it’s only the beginning. With over seven years in the industry and financial stability you can rest assured that Polaron will be there to handle any issues that arise.

Tier One Products

Certified with Solar Installers Canada

Only Certified APsystem Installer in Canada

Premium Certified Hoymiles Technical Service Provider in Canada

Our Projects

*Note: this is only a select sampling of Polaron Solar PV Systems

Our Projects

Alberta Solar PV System

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Nova Scotia Solar PV System

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Nova Scotia Solar PV System

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Ontario Solar PV System

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Solar PV System PEI, Solar Electric Rebate Program

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*Note: this is only a select sampling of Polaron Solar PV Systems

Reduce your energy bills, for good.

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Polaron holds the distinction as Canada’s most trusted Solar Company, having helped over 10,000 households; the company holds over 40% of the residential market share in Ontario alone. Having started in Ontario, we spread across Canada in late 2017 and now operate locally in Alberta, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Our focus is on delivering a turnkey solution that includes design developing, financial planning, installation, and professional maintenance. Our dedicated team works endlessly to ensure that every step of the process is accomplished with care and precision. We take pride in providing clients get the highest quality solar panel systems we can offer, with the most savings possible with industry-leading solar programs. Clients can take comfort in our stability; we have secured funding from billion (Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013. With assets totaling over $10 billion Canadian.), we want to make solar affordable to everyone.
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