With all the applications and designs done, we can move on to the exciting part—getting the solar panels up on your roof. Let’s go over how the installation process works with Polaron’s professional solar installation team.

Solar System Installation

Installation Crew Arrives

Our crew will come by on the scheduled installation date and let you know what they’ll need access to for the installation.

Racking System

Solar panels can’t go on your roof by themselves. They need a little bit of extra support before they can get up there. Racking systems are installed first to act as the foundation for your system so everything can stay in place.


Inverters are used to convert DC electricity from your panels into AC electricity for your home. At Polaron, we use microinverters, which are mounted underneath your panels, to optimize your production. We attach the inverters to the rails and secure them in place before we put the panels on top.

Solar Panel Installation

Time for the part you’ve been waiting for. Our installers clamp and tighten the panels onto your racking system on top of the microinverters we installed earlier. Now everything is in place and you’re one step closer to producing your own clean energy.

Electrical Installation

With everything installed on your roof, our electricians can complete the electrical connections for your system.

Clean Up

Once we’re done with the installation for the day, our crew cleans everything up before we leave. The only thing we want to leave behind is your awesome new system.

Let Us Know Your Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your system or the installation, please feel free to let our team know. We’ll answer your questions and let you know what to expect next.

What To Expect After The System Is Installed?

Final Inspection

We schedule a final inspection with your utility company to check up on your system and make sure the installation is in line with safety regulations.

Meter Installation

Once everything is approved, your utility company will install a new meter to keep track of your credits in accordance with your net-metering agreement.

When can I turn on my system?

You can turn your system on after your new meter is installed by your utility company. We need to have permission to operate (PTO) from your utility company before anything can be turned on. After your system passes the final inspection, we’ll submit all the necessary paperwork to your utility company and they’ll come by to install your new meter. Once your meter is installed, you have full permission to turn your system on and start enjoying green energy and all the savings it comes with.

Solar Installation Is Easy With Polaron

Your solar installation doesn’t have to be complicated when you sign up with Polaron. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you’re looking for quality installers with affordable options and years of experience in the industry, Polaron is the way to go.

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