What Are Energy Credits?

Residential solar system owners don’t have to rely entirely on the sun to power their homes all the time. Net metering provides homeowners with an affordable alternative to expensive batteries while making sure any excess energy your system generates doesn’t go to waste. How exactly does that work?

Solar credits! There’s usually an abundant amount of sunlight during the day—more than you can probably make use of right away. Any energy generated by your panels will be directly used by your home first, with the excess going back to the grid. Your utility company isn’t just going to take all that power your system worked so hard to produce and leave you with nothing. In return, you’ll receive energy credits you can use toward your future power bills.

How do Credits Work?

These credits are great for times your system might not be producing as much as your house needs. It’s natural to still use electricity from the grid at night or during the winter months when there’s less direct sunlight for your panels to absorb. We take all of this into consideration when designing your system so that your overall yearly production can cover as much of your consumption needs as possible.

Your credits are used anytime you need to take a little extra electricity from the grid. Your local distribution company will install a new meter to keep a record of all the energy you’re receiving and sending back to the grid. Each local distribution company has their own net-metering policies, so we recommend getting in touch with your utility company to find out what their exact policies are regarding credits. You’ll also be able to see these credits reflected on your power bills.

Your system will most likely accumulate credits during the summer and use those credits up during winter when less energy is produced. Net metering was designed with seasonal changes in mind to help homeowners reduce the energy portion of their power bills to $0 annually. By saving up credits during the summer, you’re able to make use of the energy produced by your panels all year long. 

Solar Credits Make Going Solar Easy and Affordable

Solar is often seen as an unrealistic and expensive home upgrade, but it doesn’t have to be that way with net metering and solar credits. Avoid hefty battery costs by using the grid to store your excess energy in exchange for credits that will keep your power bill low throughout the year.  
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