Are you looking into ways to help the environment? Have your neighbours been raving about their new solar panels and savings? Whatever the reason, many Canadians are starting to look into solar as a viable investment. There can still be a lot to consider before signing any kind of contract. The first step you should do is to make sure solar is right for you, and we’ve compiled a list of key factors to check to make things a little easier for you

Do You Own Your Home?

Deciding if you should go solar can be tricky because there is so much to consider. One of the key factors to look at before anything else is the type of home you have. Generally, you would need to own a house for a residential solar installation. Certain incentives for solar might also consider whether the home is your primary household.

Do You Have Expensive Electricity Bills?

A big reason why people choose to go solar is because of expensive electricity bills. We’ve all seen our rates rise over the last few years and it’s probably not going to stop any time soon. By generating your own energy, you get to take less from the grid and leave those expensive utility bills in the past. Having the potential to save hundreds of dollars every month with a solar system is one of the biggest benefits you can’t ignore.

Do You Have The Right Roof For Solar?

Ok so you have a house and an irritatingly pricey electricity bill you want to get rid of—what’s next? One of the first things we look at when designing a solar system for our customers is the roof. This can include your roof material, age, shading, and orientation. Generally, it’s best to have a south-facing roof angled at 30-45 degrees. If your roof is older, we also typically recommend replacing it before installing solar panels.

Another huge factor that can affect your solar production is shading. Big obstructions such as trees and nearby buildings can significantly decrease how much electricity your panels generate. If there’s a lot of shading on your roof, it’s usually not as economically beneficial to go solar.

If you want to check how suitable your roof is for solar, we have an informative blog all about roofs that can help you out.

How Much Does Solar Cost In Your Area?

Sometimes solar is a great fit for your house but not so much for your wallet. The total cost of installing a solar system can vary based on your province. Regardless of the total cost, there are ways to make solar more affordable.

Government rebates and incentives are available to help make the investment a little easier. In Canada, the federal government offers a Canada Greener Homes Grant of up to $5000 to help Canadian homeowners make environmentally friendly upgrades to their homes. Individual provinces may offer their own rebate programs as well.

Financing programs are also available if you don’t want to purchase the system upfront. Polaron has an award-winning financing program that can go as low as 0%. We’ve helped over 6000 households go solar across Canada and we’d love for you to join our evergrowing solar family.

If you feel like you’re a good fit for solar, let us help take care of the rest! Our solar specialists will provide you with a free quote and go over the cost, projected savings, rebates, process, and so much more. Get a free quote with us and see how much your house could be saving you every month.