More often than not, if you see a solar system installed on a residential property, it’s probably going to be mounted on a roof. Although definitely the most popular choice, there are other options you might want to look into if you’re thinking about installing a solar system. Another promising option for some homeowners is a ground mount system. Let's compare the two so you can decide what works best for you.

Rooftop Systems

Most people think of rooftop systems when it comes to solar panel. Rooftop solar is a great way to utilize your roof and save space around your property. Cost is also a key deciding factor for many homeowners looking to install a new solar system. Solar can be a significant investment, so it’s natural to lean toward the most affordable option, especially if it still offers excellent savings and payback. 

Why is it generally cheaper to mount the panels on a roof instead of the ground? Most houses are built to be structurally sound enough to handle the weight of solar panels. Using your existing structure and roof as a foundation can lower both labour and material costs for the project.

Ground mount systems

We’ve talked a lot about how great rooftop systems are, but ground mount systems can also be a suitable option, especially if you have enough space available. The best part about ground mount systems is not being limited to the orientation or angle of your roof. Ground mount systems can be installed in any direction and can take advantage of the best production your panels have to offer. They’re also installed to be flexible enough to adjust the angles and capture even more sunlight throughout the day.

Ground mount systems can also be easier to monitor and repair if anything goes wrong since technicians won’t have to climb onto your roof to inspect your system. 

However, ground mount systems can also be subject to extra costs depending on how far it’s installed from your meter. With our ground mount program, we charge $45/ft after the first 40 ft from the meter. 

Due to extra labour and permitting fees associated with ground mount projects, the systems will cost more on average to install compared to rooftop systems.

Polaron Ground Mount Policies

Obviously, each system has its own pros and cons, and everyone has their own unique situation that needs to be considered before making a decision. At Polaron, we want to make sure going solar is affordable and makes economic sense for our customers above all else. 

Currently, we only offer ground mount installations in Prince Edward Island. Unfortunately, ground mount installations are not a cost-effective solution in most provinces at the moment. Polaron is actively seeking solutions to lower the cost of building these types of projects and looks forward to launching ground mount programs in more provinces in the future. 

Want to learn more about your solar options? Get in touch with one of our qualified solar specialists for more information and a free quote. 


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