Solar is an ever-growing market, and with Canada’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, we strongly believe that the demand for solar will only increase from here. The sun has endless energy potential, which is why more and more Canadians are transitioning to solar every year. 

Having solar panels installed means generating your own reliable energy source to power your home. Improving the environment is an obvious benefit, but that’s just scratching the surface of what solar can do for you. As solar systems become more affordable with innovative programs and rebates, there are huge financial benefits to consider. 

Economic Benefits

With hydro bills continuing to skyrocket across the country, it’s important to plan for the future. There’s definitely a misconception that solar is too expensive to own, but depending on the program you choose and the types of government rebates available, you could actually start seeing savings from year one.

Affordable Solar Programs

Leasing and purchasing a system are both viable paths to consider when going solar, with their own unique economic benefits. 

Purchasing plan: Purchasing a system outright means you own your system from day one. Everything generated from your system will first be used to power your home. You’ll only have to pay for any excess power, which is usually little to nothing. 

Paying for a solar system is an investment in an appreciating asset generating cash flow year after year. From now on, any electricity rate increase also means potential savings will increase.

0% Sunline plan: Our 0% Sunline program was specially designed with rising hydro bills in mind. During the Sunline agreement term, any electricity generated from the panels will first be used to power your home.

This plan helps keep monthly payments relatively the same, with your new monthly sunline payment simply replacing your old hydro bill. Keep in mind, as hydro costs continue to rise over the years of your financing term, your monthly payment will stay the same. Once the term is over, the panels are completely yours, and you should be able to sufficiently power your home without having to pay for huge power bills ever again.

Rebates Available in Canada

If Canada wants to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, funding for renewable energy has to be a significant part of that journey. Currently, the federal government is offering a $5000 grant under the Canada Greener Home Grant (CGHG) to help Canadians add energy efficient retrofits to their home, including solar PV installation.

Provinces also have their own rebate programs available. You can see which programs each province has available here.  

Increase your house value

Solar is an appreciating asset, which means as the years go by, your solar panels will increase in value alongside your house. Generally, homes with solar panels can sell for 4% more than homes without panels. 

Environmental Benefits 

It’s not a secret that our planet is suffering from monumental amounts of pollution and neglect. We have to start taking care of our planet to keep it safe and sustainable for each other and future generations.

Going solar can help lower your home's emissions drastically. An average 11KW system can reduce your carbon footprint by 14,000lbs per year. As more people decide to go solar, those numbers begin to add up and can make a huge difference. In Ontario alone, we’ve helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12,000 tons. 

Go Solar Today

The sun is a warm constant in our lives and that’s why solar power is such a crucial and dependable renewable energy source. If you’re tired of increasing hydro bills and want to help maintain a clean and healthy environment, solar is definitely a path  to consider. Brighten your future by going solar today.