Electronics company LG has recently announced they are leaving the solar panel manufacturing business this year, with plans to continue production until the second quarter of 2022.

LG, who was known for manufacturing home appliances including refrigerators and washing machines, entered the solar industry in 2010 and has since become a significant player as a result of their quality solar modules. However, due to claims of high production costs, they’ve decided to move their focus toward other businesses, such as energy storage systems. The announcement came as a disappointment to many customers who have used or are planning to install LG panels. 

LG has since promised to honour their warranty which is great news for those who have installed LG panels already. For many, the brand of LG is strong and reliable due to its status in the electronics industry as a whole, but sometimes it does not show the full picture. Solar is a unique industry in its own right and can be difficult to navigate through. LG has helped drive solar throughout the world with its hardware and technology, and we appreciate all they’ve done for the industry.

In light of this news, we want to stress how important picking the right solar panels is, especially when thinking about the longevity of a system. The solar industry is fast-paced and constantly changing, which is why we’re devoted to providing our customers with tier 1 technology from brands that are committed to the industry. Every product we choose for our customers is from a highly rated company with years of experience working with solar technology. We’re proud to highlight two well regarded companies we’ve been closely working with for the last few years. 

Canadian Solar has proved itself to be a pioneer in the solar industry. Founded in 2001, they’ve become one of the world’s largest solar PV product providers globally. They have supplied over 63GW of solar modules to 160+ countries, providing high-quality technology with great value and are a double A bankable solar company. 

Longi was founded in 2000 and has focused on creating solar solutions by developing monocrystalline silicon products. They officially entered into the building and EPC business of solar power stations in 2014 and have since become one of the top solar panel manufacturers globally due to their record-breaking high efficiency. They ended 2021 as the only manufacturer to achieve a triple A rating.  

We trust both these companies because of their tenure in the industry. At Polaron, we only work with companies as dedicated and focused on solar as we are to ensure that the panels we install for our customers are reliable and of the highest quality. We believe these companies will stand the test of time to provide optimal security for those looking to go solar today.