If you’re looking to go solar you’re probably wondering how much it can offset your electricity consumption. The best way to understand your potential savings is to first look over your recent power bills. Systems are designed with your personal usage in mind, which is why your solar installer will probably ask you for your power bill and consumption history when designing your system. Let’s go over everything on your bill so you’re ready to see and understand the noticeable changes when your solar project is complete.

Meter Reading and Usage Data

At the very top of your power bill, you’ll see all the necessary information related to your meter reading and usage data.

Meter Number: A unique number that you can find on the front of your meter

Consumption period: The start and end date of your current billing period

No. of days: How many days are in your billing period.

Present Meter Reading: Most recent meter reading

Previous Meter Reading: How much your meter reading was during your last billing

Multiplier: This is how Maritime Electric calculates how much electricity you’ve used. Multiply the difference between your present and previous reading with this multiplier number

KwH Used: How many Kilowatt hours you’ve used during your billing period.

Account Information

On the left side, you’ll see your account information which includes your mailing and service address as well as a unique account number associated with your account.

Power Bill Charges

A summary and breakdown of all the charges on your power bill. You’ll see your energy charge and your government rebate credit.

Previous Balance: Every payment and adjustment up to this bill.

Electrical Service Charges: Your bill includes an energy charge based on kWh and a fixed service charge for equipment maintenance. Your energy charges make up the bulk of your power bill which is where solar comes into play. You could potentially reduce your energy charges to $0 annually with a solar system and net metering. 

PEI Government Rebate: An automatic deduction for 10% on your first block through the PEI government rebate program.

Total Billing: Your subtotal and sales tax.

Consumption History and Important Notices

Below your account information and charges, you’ll see a block dedicated to your usage history and messages from Maritime Electric.

Consumption History: an overview of your consumption history over your last 14 billing periods

Message Area: Check this area to see messages from Maritime Electric such as saving advice or safety information

Average Electricity Cost: Your average cost for electricity during your current billing period.

Payment Coupon

This section on the very bottom is included for those interested in either paying in person or through the mail. Includes all of your billing information to ensure proper processing of payment when received.

Let Polaron Design Your Perfect Solar System

Now that we went over everything on your power bill, Polaron is here to do the rest. We can have one of our educated solar specialists contact you to go over your potential savings with a free quote.