If you’re looking to get solar, one of the first steps is to go through your power bill and usage history. Solar systems are designed to fit your household’s consumption needs so it’s important to get familiar with your power bill before diving into your potential savings. If you would like to learn more about your power bill and where each charge is coming from, we’re here to help. 

Meter Information

This section includes information about your meter and meter reading.

Reference From: Get to know your bill (bchydro.com)

Meter Number: A unique number that you can find on the front of your meter to identify your meter.

Starting Date: Your meter reading at the start of your billing period.

Ending date: Your meter reading at the end of your billing period.

Difference: The difference between your starting date and ending date meter reading.

Billing Period: How much electricity you’ve used during your billing period.

Bill Details

Reference From: Get to know your bill (bchydro.com)

Energy Charges: Your energy charge is based on how much electricity you’ve used during your billing period. Your cost will be divided into two pricing steps depending on the amount of energy you use.

Step 1: At this step, you can consume energy for a lower price up to a certain threshold.

Step 2: After going passed the threshold in step 1, you will automatically get moved into step 2. At this step, you’ll have to pay more for electricity.

Having different prices and steps motivates customers to keep watch of their electricity consumption and encourages less usage after hitting step 2.  

Basic Charge: This is a fixed daily charge which is associated with maintenance and repair costs for having your home connected to the grid. 

Rate Rider: An extra charge for any additional or unexpected energy fees.

Government Taxes: In BC, you will be charged a 5% GST tax on your bill on any charge with an asterisk* next to it. 

Usage History

Reference From: Get to know your bill (bchydro.com)

The best way to keep track of your consumption patterns over the year is to look at the usage table on your power bill. This table will show you your usage history over the last year. You’ll be able to see whether your consumption has increased or decreased and evaluate your usage accordingly.

Go Solar and Save With Polaron

Going solar will help you save on your electricity costs which can especially be helpful if you’re using a lot of electricity at the higher step. You could potentially reduce the energy portion of your power bill to $0 annually with a system.

We’re here to help you with everything you need to go solar. Get a free quote with us today and we’ll help design and install your perfect solar system.