Spring is an exciting time for solar. Days are getting longer and we can finally say goodbye to all that pesky ice and snow. Although spring is definitely when solar installations typically pick up, it’s not always smooth sailing.

We get it, delays can be frustrating. As much as we’d love to get your panels up and running, there are still some things we need to consider that might push back your installation. Here are the 4 main factors that might affect your installation during the spring.

Weather Conditions

We have to consider weather conditions for all our installations. Although we definitely won’t be expecting as much snow or ice during the spring, there are still some conditions that can potentially delay an installation.

Strong winds especially can be dangerous for installers working up on a roof.

Steep Roofs

Steep roofs are harder to install on, especially with heavy equipment such as solar panels. If you have a steep roof, we might need to wait until the later summer months since it’s necessary to ensure the roof is dry, and there are no strong winds that could impact the safety of our installers.  

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs can be great for a solar installation, since they typically have a longer lifespan compared to asphalt roofs. However, installations can be a bit tricky since metal roofs are also generally more slippery.  


If you live further away from our office or warehouse, we’ll need a little extra time to plan your installation, especially during the winter and spring seasons. These seasons have more variable weather, which is difficult to predict. While the weather may look fine one day, even with available forecasts, things can change rapidly. We always want to ensure we can get the job done correctly and safely once our team arrives on site.

Why Safety is Our Top Priority

We want you to know, we’re just as eager to get your panels installed as you are. Our goal is to bring affordable solar and savings to our customers, and we want you to enjoy all the benefits of your new system as soon as possible.

When it comes to any installation, we need to plan accordingly to the specific situation. Having a certain roof type or material can cause some unfortunate delays, since our installers will have to take extra precaution to ensure a safe installation.

Delays can be disappointing, but solar is a long-term investment. Although we understand the frustration of missing out on sunny spring days, we promise everything will eventually balance out in the end.  Please understand, we need to make sure we prioritize the safety of our employees and customers first and foremost.

If you’d like any updates on your project, please feel free to contact our operations department and we’ll assist you the best we can.