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Finance Your Solar Panels With an Affordable Monthly Payment

Finance your solar panels with a starting term at 0.99% for 16 years.

*For qualified customers
Call 1-888-318-1988 now or fill out the form below to get your free estimate
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Finance your solar panels with an affordable monthly payment with 0% interest options*

*For qualified customers
Call 1-888-318-1988 now or fill out the form below to get your free estimate
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the catch?

No catch involved. Our vision is to bring affordable solar for all Canadians. This is aligned with our vision and is proud to offer this 0% program where possible.

Does this mean your price is higher?

Our pricing, whether you go cash or sunline, is very competitive in the marketplace.

Are there penalties for buying out earlier?

There is no penalty! With a 0% interest, we encourage early buyouts. As long as you give us 30 days advance notice, we can provide you with the remaining balance.

How can you be cash positive day one?

Not everyone will be cash positive from day one, but you can get pretty close. Primarily it will depend on the sun exposure you have. With the provincial rebate and a great roof, your savings will be higher than your monthly costs for the system. Even if your roof is not perfect, you will still see a long-term benefit without breaking the bank or changing your lifestyle with our program. This truly is the solution to allow everyone to go solar.

Reduce your energy bills, for good.

Call 1-888-318-1988 now or click the form below to get your free estimate.

How did you hear about us?
Polaron holds the distinction as Canada’s most trusted Solar Company, having helped over 5,000 households; the company holds over 40% of the residential market share in Ontario alone. Having started in Ontario, we spread across Canada in late 2017 and now operate locally in Alberta, Nova Scotia, and PEI. Our focus is on delivering a turnkey solution that includes design developing, financial planning, installation, and professional maintenance. Our dedicated team works endlessly to ensure that every step of the process is accomplished with care and precision. We take pride in providing clients get the highest quality solar panel systems we can offer, with the most savings possible with industry-leading solar programs. Clients can take comfort in our stability; we have secured funding from billion (Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013. With assets totaling over $10 billion Canadian.), we want to make solar affordable to everyone.
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