For the first time — this past Sunday, October 11 — the mix of rooftop and larger, utility-scale Solar energy generation was able to meet 100% of the energy demand in South Australia.

Rooftop solar provided approximately 76.3 percent of the demand, with the state’s solar farms, Bungala 1, Bungala 2, and Tailem Bend operating at full capacity and filling the gap.

This significant milestone comes just a few weeks after the state had announced they were able to meet 94 percent for its demand, with rooftop output reaching 900MW for the first time.

The continued surged in rooftop solar installations means that South Australia is likely to have rooftop solar alone inevitably meet 100 percent of its demand. They are also leading the nation in the rollout of both battery storage and creating “virtual power plants,” where some of the battery capacity installed in households can be reserved and harnessed for grid services, including frequency control.

Could Canada potentially be able to achieve a similar milestone with more widespread adoption?