A typical comment we see on our profiles and those of our competitors is related to Solar's ability to be viable even if you happen to live somewhere that isn't drenched in the unadulterated sun every moment of the day

Whether sunny or cloudy, rest assured, panels are more than capable of generating energy. Solar panels work better when the weather is less overbearingly hot — like, say, above 25 degrees celsius.

Interestingly, notoriously overcast locations have proven to be some of the highest producing. The second cloudiest city in America, Portland, Oregon, ranks among the top cities for solar power in the US. Germany has lots of cloudy weather, but they rank as the top country for solar energy usage. 

Solar panels are worth it across a range of different climates.

So you can enjoy the ambiance of a rainy afternoon with the piece of mind that though not absolute peak, your panels are producing, and your energy bill will still reduce thanks to renewable solar energy.