We’re happy to announce Polaron has won the Consumer Choice Award for 2022. Proudly serving Canadians since 2013, we’re excited to accept this award from Consumer Choice Award, marking the second year in a row that Polaron has been named Consumer Choice for The Toronto Central area and the only winner in our category for Solar Energy Systems.

Consumer Choice Award was founded in 1987 to recognize excellence in small and medium-sized businesses. They use statistically supported independent market research to understand a brand’s reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence. 

These awards help consumers make a better-informed decision about the companies they decide to work with. It’s a helpful insight to see how these companies are viewed by the people they serve and their overall reputation in the market. 

Thank you to Consumer Choice and our customers for this award and tremendous acknowledgement. This is especially important to us because it signifies trust, something we’ve been working to build since we started this journey. Our relationship with our customers is our highest priority as a business, and we’re going to continue to work diligently to ensure that never changes. 

With over 5000 solar PV installations completed, we understand how to provide the best service for our customers. We hope to continue to promote green energy and sustainability in Canada so that we can move toward a cleaner future for the next generation.