Polaron is proud to be named the top solar energy services provider in Canada for 2023. Since our start in 2013, we’ve had a vision of creating more accessible solar options for Canadians everywhere. Polaron has made that a reality, now operating across the country in 5 provinces.

We’ve had to work through many challenges and hurdles over the last few years with changing government policies and the pandemic. Our drive to continue providing affordable solar for Canadians is what keeps us going—and we’re proud to have helped over 7000 Canadian households go solar.

What we believe truly sets us apart is our ability to adapt and innovate. Seen from our exclusive award-winning low interest financing program, and our one-of-a-kind site assessment report, Polaron has shown we’re not afraid to take risks. We also don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Keven Kang, recently spoke with Energy Business Review to offer some insight on how Polaron operates—and the key factors that led us to becoming the nation’s number one solar installer. 

The interview goes through our unique solar process and the various ways we go about supporting our customers through their solar journey, despite some unpredictable obstacles along the way. We also talk a little about our endeavor into R&D through our new in-house brand, Pion Power.

Head over to Energy Business Review for the full scoop. https://www.energybusinessreview.com/polaron

Thank you to Energy Business Review for the recognition and this exciting opportunity to tell our solar story. We also want to thank our customers for being a part of our solar community and taking the leap to a more sustainable future. 

Let’s keep the momentum going and shine some sunlight on the solar industry in Canada.