Polaron’s sub-brand Pion Power is now officially eligible for rebates in BC. British Columbians can find Pion Power’s Flex-AC EV charger on BC Hydro’s eligible list.

Pion Power is focused on creating and manufacturing sustainable green energy solutions such as EV chargers and home batteries, all engineered and designed in Canada. Flex-AC is just one of the many products we’ve helped create over the past few years–packed with versatile charging options and safety features to provide the ultimate comfortable charging experience. 

Being listed means Flex-AC’s quality and safety standards have passed BC Hydro’s qualifications, marking another great milestone for Pion Power. 

Who is Qualified?

The BC rebate is available for single-family homes such as detached homes, duplexes and townhouses with private garages or dedicated parking.

British Columbians who qualify and are looking for a new all-in-1 portable Level 2 charger can now purchase both the 9.6kW and 7.6kW models for 50% off purchase and installation costs of up to $350. This rebate is only available while funding lasts, so it’s important to take advantage of the offer while it’s here. 

Customers can save even more with Flex-AC because of how easy it is to install at home without an electrician. The charger comes with screws, a holster and a cable holder for easy wall mounting. This means being able to use 100% of the rebate on purchase costs alone, saving additional time and money.

Moving Forward to a Greener Future

We’ve always been committed to creating innovative ways to promote clean energy solutions at an affordable price. Rebates are a great way to incentivize more Canadians to go electric–something we hope to see become increasingly common over the next few years. 

More rebates are expected to come for Pion Power. We are actively applying for other provinces’ eligible lists so we can continue to offer our customers the best deals available.  

Any BC backers who participated in our Kickstarter campaign should be eligible as well however we recommend contacting BC Hydro for eligibility confirmation. If there are any issues, please contact Pion Power for more information.