After all the applications are approved, we can get to the part you’ve probably been waiting for–the installation. There are two main installation steps, DC and AC installation. DC refers to the physical installation of your racking system, inverters and panels, while AC allows us to connect your system to the grid. 

That seems simple enough, but there’s actually a lot more to it. We always need to ensure everything is working correctly and safely to provide you with the highest production quality. 

We’re going to break these steps down even further to give you a comprehensive overview of how exactly we install solar PV systems for our customers. 

Racking Installation

This is the installation of the racking on your rooftop and the routing of the cables. Once completed, a Rough-in Inspection must be passed before proceeding.

Rough-in Inspection

The Rough-in Inspection can be more simply understood as a mid-installation check of our work with the inspector. Depending on your province, a passed Rough-in is may be necessary before we can schedule a Final Inspection. The inspection timeline depends on the availability of your utility company. 

Electrical Connection/Installation

Our electrician will arrive to complete the electrical connections of your solar energy system. This step may be done on the same day as the Rough-In or Panel installation and is usually completed within 3 weeks of the rough-in inspection.

Solar Panel Installation

Our rooftop installation team will then also return to affix the solar panels to the racking system. This is usually completed within 3 weeks of the rough-in inspection.

Final Electrical Inspection

Finally, our team will schedule a final inspection date to review the solar energy system installation. This is usually completed within 2-3 weeks after the electrical installation. 

Meter Installation

We’re at the last step. Your LDC will be swapping your electrical meter with a bi-directional meter which must be completed before your system can be turned on. This is usually finished within 1-3 weeks after the panel and electrical installation. 

And now you’re done! The panels have been installed and connected to the grid. You can now enjoy years of savings without worrying about those hefty power bills.

At Polaron, we’ve completed over 4300 installations over the last 9 years. All of our projects are installed by Polaron authorized and trained installers. We have projects all over Canada in Ontario, Nova Scotia, PEI, Alberta and BC. We look forward to helping many more Canadians go solar in the future.  

The completion of installing your panels doesn’t mean our relationship is over, though. Polaron will continue to look after you and your system through our after-service care for any warranty package and handle related issues.