The solar industry is always changing which is why it’s so important to work with a Solar PV installation company you trust. A lot of this was put to the test during the beginning of 2022 when Efficiency Nova Scotia announced its sudden rebate reduction. Although it was unexpected, Polaron worked tirelessly to provide affected customers with options. The goal is and will always be to make solar accessible for everyone, which is why we want to share this experience today.

What happened?

During the beginning of 2022, Efficiency Nova Scotia announced a sudden change to their SolarHomes rebate program, reducing the amount to 0.30/Watt, up to a maximum of $3000. This reduction became effective on January 6th, 2022. 

Nova Scotia invested $5.5 million into the SolarHomes Rebate program in 2021 to help make solar more affordable. However, due to recent high demand, Efficiency Nova Scotia felt they would be unable to support the high volume of applicants wanting to participate in the rebate program. The amount was subsequently changed In order to ensure as much availability as possible for Nova Scotians wanting to go solar. 

Demand for Solar Continues to Surge

Although this was disappointing news for many to hear, there are some positive takeaways. The high demand for the SolarHomes rebate proves that more Canadians are choosing to go solar every year.

Nova Scotia especially has been a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada over the past few years. As of May 2021, 30% of Nova Scotia’s electricity is generated through renewable energy, with the goal of moving up to 60% by the end of 2022. According to the province, Efficiency Nova Scotia programs have reduced the province’s electricity demand by 10%. So far, the SolarHomes rebate program has successfully helped over 6000 Nova Scotians go solar. 

Solar energy is an important part of Canada’s continuing fight against climate change. The hope is to see this upward trend continue over the next few years as demand for solar continues to grow. 

What did Polaron do for those affected?

Unfortunately, the change was announced very abruptly on the day it was taken into effect. This means a lot of customers who hadn’t yet reached the rebate application stage had to seek other options if the current offer no longer worked for them.

Affected customers included those who were still in the SAR signing stage and had not yet received approval from Efficiency Nova scotia. Our SAR is meant to provide our customers with full transparency throughout the application and installation process, which is why we always want to confirm our installation plans with you before moving on to the rebate applications. The lack of notice was definitely disappointing as rebates are understandably a big factor in our customer’s decision to go solar.  

Polaron actively sought to provide affected customers with other options after this unexpected and abrupt change. We quickly pivoted to the Canada Greener Home Grant offered by the federal government, which offers up to $5000 for home energy upgrades, including solar. We also offered affected customers an additional 0.10/Watt Polaron discount. With the grant and Polaron’s discount, the total rebate allowed us to match the original SolarHomes offer for many of our customers. 

We’re happy to say now that many of those affected are have signed. We are always going to look out for our customers first and foremost no matter what the circumstance is. Going solar with Polaron means you’re always in good hands even when during the unexpected. 

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