A typical jab that detractors throw at solar is that it doesn't work at night — which is correct. But that doesn't mean it isn't a good option. Your panels overproduce during the day. If you happen to have a battery source, you can store and use the extra energy at night. Here in Canada, going entirely off-grid with a family home isn't a realistic option, as (depending on where you are), it's likely not allowed at all.

That's where net metering comes in.

Our residential clients take advantage of this method, which doesn't require physical energy storage. Instead, the power your panels generate during the day is sent to the utility grid, earning you credits accumulated in your account.

When the sun goes down, you can use your credits to offset the cost of the energy. In essence, net metering applies the value of the excess power you produce, which you can use to lower or even eliminate out of pocket energy costs.

Net metering combined with Polaron's exclusive 0% financing makes going solar viable and — most importantly — affordable.