There's no question that solar is a smart option for those looking to save energy every month; however, what about those who aren't able to take advantage of rooftop systems for a multitude of reasons — or those who want to generate more power than their roof can help facilitate?

That's where U.S. based company UbiQD is stepping up. They have developed Solar windows made of glass that laminated with a quantum dot doped interlayer, capable of generating electricity from the warm glow of the sun that we rely on to brighten up our homes daily, without aesthetically displeasing wires.

How does it work? The glass absorbs sunlight, trapping the glow from the quantum dot doped interlayer, which is guided to the window edge — where solar cells generate electricity.

The best part? The lack of extreme wiring allows it to easily fit into standard installation workflows, making it an excellent retrofits solution. It can also be integrated into your smart home system and power all of its elements.

Imagine the possibilities. Could you see these windows making a positive impact in your home? Visit UbiQD to learn more about their super cool Solar windows.