We only have one planet, which is why it’s so important that we start taking care of it now. Fighting climate change should be a top priority for us if we want to keep our planet safe for future generations. At Polaron, we’re committed to making a positive change by promoting the benefits of solar energy. With more Canadians switching over to clean energy every year, we hope that one day renewable energy sources like solar can completely power the world.

Why We Need to Act Now

If climate change continues at its current trajectory, we’ll see rising temperatures and more extreme weather conditions such as severe storms, wildfires, heatwaves, and droughts.

Why Is Solar Energy Better for the Environment?

Swapping from fossil fuel to renewable clean energy means being able to produce electricity without any emissions. Another great upside, we never have to worry about running out of sunlight.

Change can start with a single household. Installing solar panels means reducing the demand for fossil fuel and emissions, even if it’s just by a small amount. An average system of 11kW can reduce greenhouse gases by 14,000 lbs. per year which is the equivalent of planting 72 trees!

Let’s Clear the Air

Less pollution means cleaner air for you and your family. As solar and other renewable energy sources become more popular in a local area, residents can feel a noticeable difference in their air quality. You can feel the long-term effects with lower health risks, including fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Extreme Weather Caused by Global Warming Can Lead to More Power Outages

Power outages are never fun, and it can be scary not knowing when power will return to your home. Prevention is key, which is why we need to work now to ensure we’re not subjected to an oncoming stream of extreme storms and other natural disasters our aging electrical grid isn’t prepared for.

How We Can Work Together to Help the Environment

What are we doing to help? With over 6000 installations completed, Polaron is helping to reduce greenhouse gases by 30,000 tons each year! It’s important to recognize none of this would be possible without all of the incredible environmentally-conscious Canadians choosing to make the switch to solar every day. 

If you want to start making a difference and join the fight against climate change, switching to renewable energy is the perfect place to start. Polaron is here to make the transition as easy as possible by handling your applications, paperwork, and installation.

Qualify today to connect with one of our solar specialists to receive a free quote on a potential new solar PV system.  


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