As of October 1st, 2020, Polaron is officially a member of the Home Depot Local Pro community as an exclusive solar provider. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our unique offerings as well as our installation services.

It is a great honour to be recognized for the work that we've been doing across Canada. As an organization, Home Depot is extremely diligent in selecting companies they endorse — especially as customers expect the same level of brand confidence in all their dealings with them (Third-party recommendations).

As a priority, we have always put in the extra time and effort to ensure that our systems' design works flawlessly for you and your family — with no detail too small during the installation timeline. Measure twice, cut once. That's a mantra that's helped make us the number one choice for residential installs in Canada, with over 3500 installs nationwide over the past eight years. That will never change.

Proper hardware being used was also a consideration ensuring that clients will get some of the best hardware in the world. All solar panels and microinverters are of tier-one quality and are recognized globally as some of the best hardware for solar installation. For residential projects, only micro-inverters are incorporated to ensure the highest level of efficiency and safety for our clients. There is no compromise when it comes to inverters, and panels, which we are happy to be recognized for.

Our services, hardware (which only consists of tier-one products), and even stringent safety protocols and industry-leading proprietary inspection report — which includes consultations with multiple engineers throughout the process — have been thoroughly reviewed as part of our acceptance into this community. We promise to continue to uphold the level of quality expected from a Home Depot Pro.

Our approach to solar is a simple one: make it affordable. For solar in Canada to take a significant step towards ingenuity and progression, solar must be easy to pursue financially. At Polaron, we believe we've gone the extra mile to make it possible and will continue to push the solar conversation in Canada for the whole industry. We think we can make a difference for the best — because we only have one earth.