There’s a lot of information on your power bill and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the different numbers you’re seeing. Let’s break down all the information on your power bill so you’re ready to take on the world of solar and fully appreciate your upcoming savings.

Account And Billing Information

This section gives you an overview of all the information you need about your account and billing period.

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1.  Account Number: Your new account is automatically associated with an account number. You can keep your account and number even if you move to a new address.

2.  Service From: What service dates this bill includes

3.  Meter Number: A 6-digit number to help Nova Scotia Power identify your meter

4.  Rate Code: Which rate is used for your power bill.

5.  No. of days: How many days are in your billing period.

6.  New Meter Reading: Most recent meter reading

7.  Last Meter Reading: How much your meter reading was during your last billing

8.  Multiplier: This is how Nova Scotia Power calculates how much electricity you used. Multiply the difference between your present and last reading with this multiplier number

9.  KwH Used: How many Kilowatt hours you’ve used during your billing period.

Power Bill Charges

You’ll see a breakdown of your charges and the total amount you owe to NSP. Your energy charge will make up most of your power bill but there can be other additional charges as well.

Referenced from: Read Your Bill | Billing and Payments| Nova Scotia Power (

10.   Energy Charges: The energy portion of your bill which is based on your usage in kilowatt hours. Also includes a base charge.

11.   Other Charges: Includes any financed systems through Nova Scotia Power such as heating systems and water heaters, as well as service charges, taxes and adjustments.

12.   Total Amount Due: How much your total payment is and when the payment is due. Your total includes your current charges and anything owed from previous bills.

Additional Information

You’ll see some additional information about your power bill on the right of your bill which includes your usage overview throughout the year and the average electricity cost during your billing period.

Referenced from: Read Your Bill | Billing and Payments| Nova Scotia Power (

13.   Web Access Number: A number you can use to sign up for e-bill which is an online service that sends your power bill directly to your e-mail instead of receiving a paper bill.

14.   Average Cost: Daily average cost for your electricity

15.   Past Electric Use: NSP compares how much power you’ve consumed over the last year which includes demand and load factor.

16.   Remittance stub: If you are mailing a cheque, you can rip off this piece and mail it with your payment.

Equal Billing

There are a few differences on your power bill if you’re signed up with equal billing. The total on the bottom will include your current equal billing amount as well as the overall amount due from any previous unpaid bills,

Referenced from: Read Your Bill | Billing and Payments| Nova Scotia Power (

You’ll also see a Total Amount balance which includes your total charges of any electricity used excluding your equal billing charges. Your total balance can help you understand your usage better and whether your equal billing amount is sufficient for your household’s consumption needs.