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Why Canadians Should Go Solar

Protect your family from rising electricity rates by powering your home with solar. Keep your ecological footprint to a minimum while reducing your monthly expenses. Take control of your future and gain your independence from the electric grid by switching to solar energy today! To protect yourself against rising utility rates, the best solution is to switch to solar power!

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What warranties and insurance protect the system?

You get a 25-year performance warranty for your solar panels and a 10-year product warranty. During installation and post-installation on equipment, we carry a minimum limit of liability of $5,000,000. For the LONGI solar modules, there is third-party insurance provided by Munich RE. Additionally, Polaron offers a 2-year labor warranty. Furthermore, the APSystems microinverter comes with a 10-year warranty that is extended to 20-years by Polaron (Polaron has pre-paid for the extended warranty). All of the mentioned warranties make Polaron’s solar panel system a worry-free investment.

How does net metering work?

With net-metering, the electricity generated from the solar energy system is first used to offset any household electrical consumption and any excess electricity which is not used by the household is then sent to the electrical grid; the excess electricity sent to the electrical grid is returned to you in the form of a credit.

What is Polaron’s full turnkey solution?

Our full turnkey solution provides you with a complete package of top-tier products and professional services to ensure a hassle-free experience when you are installing a solar panel system for your home. We will take care of everything so that all you need to do is lean back, switch the system on, and start saving money.

How many steps do I need to get a solar system?

There are several steps to prep and install solar energy:
1) Site assessment
2) System design
3) Structural Design
4) Engineering Design Stamp
5) Local Distribution Company (LDC) request to connect application
6) Rebate applications
7) Building Permit Application
8) Hardware Packaging & Prep
9) Panel Installation
10) Electrical Installation
11) Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Assessment
12) Issue ESA certificate to LDC
13) Final inspection & commission
14) Utility interconnection
15) Issue ESA to confirm rebate
16) Close Building Permit with Municipality
17) Monitoring & maintenance
Too complex? Don’t worry. Polaron provides a turnkey solution, where our expert team will assist you every step of the way. We take care of the paperwork, inspection, and working with the municipalities. We will make your solar experience as hassle-free as possible! Please feel free to reach us by calling (647)557-1207, or sending an Email to

Are the solar panels expensive?

Not necessarily. The total cost of your solar system will vary depending on several factors, including electricity usage, home location, roof size, system size. However we remove the biggest roadblock of having high upfront costs by offering our low-interest Sunline financing program—with rates as low as 0%! Pair that with government rebate programs, and installing solar is now more affordable than you think! Need more detail? Feel free to reach us by calling 1-888-318-1988, or by sending an email to

Post-Solar Installation Bills:

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Polaron holds the distinction as Canada’s most trusted Solar Company. Having helped over 10,000 households go solar, we’ve grown to become Canada’s largest residential solar installation company. Starting from Ontario in 2013, we quickly spread across Canada in late 2017 and now operate locally in 5 provinces (ON, AB, NS, BC and PEI), all while cementing ourselves as industry leaders in the Atlantic. Our focus is on delivering a turnkey solution that includes design development, financial planning, installation, and professional maintenance. We have a dedicated team that works endlessly to ensure that every step of the process is accomplished with care and precision. Polaron takes pride in providing our clients with the highest quality solar panel systems and the most savings possible through our industry-leading low interest solar programs.

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