There are a lot of concerns about solar PV systems not being able to adequately supply your home with enough electricity throughout the year, especially in Canada. 

At Polaron, we always try our best to design the perfect system for your household needs. How do we do this? We look at your past electricity usage over a 12-month period to better understand your needs throughout the year. Depending on your consumption and productive roof space, we design an optimized system personalized for your home.

Of course, there are bound to be some variances over the years in terms of weather. You might have some exceptionally cloudy months that might lower your overall production that year. Or an extremely hot summer that requires more AC power, increasing your average usage. If you aren’t able to generate enough power for your house in any of these cases, Net-Metering can act as the perfect safety net. 

The grid will supply you with power anytime you need a little extra push. You can accumulate credits in the summer to use during the slower winter months, which can help keep your power bill low year round even if you’re not always producing enough power for your home. 

If you notice a drop in production, please don’t hesitate to contact our after-service department at We’ll make sure everything is running smoothly and send someone down if there are any problems we can’t fix remotely.