Canadian homeowners are choosing to go solar more than ever. This increased accessibility has largely been attributed to the combination of the lowering cost of solar panels, more efficient technology and the introduction of government incentives. We’ve helped over 5000 Canadians go solar and here are three of their top reasons why they made the switch.

1. Solar reduces your utility bill

Saving with solar is simple — it may just take some time. If you generate the electricity you would normally purchase from your utility company, then that’s the chunk you’ll save out of your monthly budget.

Purchasing a solar system outright has a larger upfront cost which provides financial returns in the long run as you save on your energy bills to offset and exceed the cost of the system.

If you’re in a qualified region, Polaron also offers a Sunline® Plan that you to finance your solar panel system with an affordable monthly payment which can partially or completely offset your utility bill. And once the solar system is paid off you get to keep saving on your energy costs!

2. Solar protects you against rising energy costs

Energy prices in Canada have trended upwards over the last decade. The reasons for price changes can range from market forces and the increased scarcity of finite natural resources to specific government action. The best part about the freedom of generating your own power with solar is that it doesn’t matter what is causing electricity prices to rise — you’re protected regardless. As long as you’re generating the power you’re using, the increased price of generating it somewhere else isn’t something you need to be concerned about. 

3. Solar is good for the planet

It’s no secret that extracting and using fossil fuels is harmful to the environment, especially when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases, which are produced when fossil fuels are burned, lead to rising global temperatures and climate change. Solar energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Replacing your own electricity with solar helps you personally leave a smaller carbon footprint and mitigate climate change. 

If you’re curious about whether solar power would work for your home, we offer a free personalized solar quote with details about local incentives. Contact Polaron today to get started.