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25 Megawatt Size Portfolio In Canada

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Full package to ensure a hassle-free experience

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More efficient and safer for your home

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Customized design by in-house engineering (learn more about our electrical services)

The Best Way To Hedge Your Rising Hydro Cost

Solar gives you a lifetime of saving, and we help you achieve cash positive from Day 1


Learn How Solar Can Offset Your Energy Use
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Our Services


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Solar Turn-Key Package

From site assessment, system design to solar installation and maintenance, we take care of everything for you, making solar as easy as it can be! Did you know you can be qualified for $0 upfront solar leasing plan.

Solar Equipment Supply

Partnering with the top-ranked brands, we are offering a whole product line includes solar modules, micro inverters & accessories, racking systems and storage solution to business in solar industry. Did you know we are the global No.1 distributor of Apsystem’s micro inverter.

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