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LR6-72PH 360~380M

LONGi 72 Cell 360~380W Monocrystalline



Hi-MO1 High Efficiency

Low LID Mono PERC Technology (1500V Compatible)

Key Features

  • Positive power tolerance (0 ~ +5W) guaranteed
  • High module conversion efficiency (up to 19.6%)
  • Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first year <2%, 0.55% year 2-25
  • Better energy yield with excellent low irradiance performance and temperature coefficient
  • Solid PID resistance ensured by solar cell process optimization and careful module BOM selection
  • Adaptable to harsh environments passed rigorous salt mist and ammonia tests
  • Robust frame, 40mm thickness withstands mechanical loading of 5400Pa for snow load on front and 2400Pa wind load on the rear side


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