Microinverters Accessories

Microinverters Accessories





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Product List

1. YC1000 Terminal Sealing Cap

Product #:1014

Locks on and seals contacts on an unused terminal on the YC1000 Trunk Cable.

2. YC1000-3 Trunk Cable-2M/4M

Product #:1058/1059

The 14AWG cable is sold with two-part unique part numbers-with connectors spaced at 2 meters or 4 meters. The varied spacing allows the YC1000-3, Model 208 or 480, to be installed in landscape or portrait.

  • Cable-2 for 2 meter trunk cable for portrait array orientation
  • Cable-4 for 4 meter trunk cable for landscape array orientation

3. YC1000-3 AC End Caps

Product #:1013

Terminates the bare wire on the Trunk Cable for the YC1000.

  • Weatherproof termination cap for the bare wire end of the YC1000 Trunk Cable.
  • 41mm size

4. YC1000-3 Male & Female Connectors

Product #:1033/1034

APsystems AC male & female connector for YC1000 trunk cable