Microinverters Accessories

Microinverters Accessories





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Product List

1. QS1 Y2 Bus Cable 2M/t

Product #:1066

Provides the junction of the inverter’s AC output side and grid connection.

  • CSA/TUV certified
  • 2,5mm2(12AWG), U-1000-RO2V (TC-ER)
  • Drop Length: 2M

2. QS1 AC Bus End Cap

Product #:1036

Provides waterproof for the end of AC Bus

  • 3-4 wire
  • Applicable models: QS1, YC500i, YC600

3.QS1 AC Bus Cable Y-CONN Cap

Product #:1068

Protects the unused T-CONN on the AC Bus

4. QS1 AC Connector Unlock Tool

Product #:1069

Unlocks the inverter and AC Bus

  • Female cap is used to cover and protect unused MC-4 male connector coming from second pair of YC500 A-NA DC connections.
  • Male plug is used to protect unused MC-4 female connector in same application.

5. QS1 AC Male & Female Connector

Product #:1008/1009

Psystems AC male & female connector for QS1 trunk cable