Solar Energy Offers The Best Environmental - Friendly Solution To Hedge Your Rising Hydro Bill

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The solar system generates power during the daytime which supports your consumptin with clean power as needed.

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Only a fraction of your consumption that cant be offset by solar power (e.g. consumption during night time and winter) will be billed by the Utility company.

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All the excessive power will be sent to the grid and counted as dollar credit for your next bill.

Changing Expenses To Future Investment Opportunities

Solar gives you a lifetime of saving


Learn How Solar Can Be An Investment
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Our Mission Is To Make Solar More Affordable For You!

Inhouse Finance (Ontario Only)


A competitive rate that is only available by Polaron

20-Year term



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Solar Lease (Alberta Only)


$0 down and 0% interest rate for first 10-Years
and 5.5% for the remaining 10-Years



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5 Amazing Reasons to Choose Polaron

5 Amazing Reasons To Choose Polaron


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Experienced Solar Installation & Engineering

More than 2 GW global installation completed

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Premium Solar Panels With Higher Energy Yield

Advanced panel technology that brings you up to 18.8% efficiency.

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Module-level Monitoring

Real-time and more accurate monitoring by connecting every
panel and micro inverter to the internet.

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Manufacturer Warranty

20+ years peace of mind. The longest within the solar industry.

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Optimized Solution With Higher Returns

Customized system design that maximize your return. We provide one-stop shop commercial solar packages that makes solar hassle-free for you.

You Will Be Saving More As The Electricity Price Goes Up

*Our estimation is based public accessible data

Let's See How Much You Can Save With Solar