Why We Use Micro-inverter?

At Polaron Solartech, we use microinverters rather than traditional string inverters in all of our solar panel systems.

This is due to several key reasons:

  • Safety: No high DC voltage, which means eliminating the risk of personal injuries and fire hazards
    • String inverters reach DC voltage of 600-1000V, which is considered as high and dangerous
  • Productivity: Micro-inveters come with a 90% system efficiency guarantee, with up to 25% more in energy harvesting
    • Overall, micro-inveters are 3-5% more efficient than string inverters
  • Reliability: Longer lifespan than a string inverter
  • Smart: Allows for module level of monitoring and worldwide system troubleshooting
  • Simple: Easy to design and install; able to be adapted anywhere; allows for single cable access.

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