Full ownership

Monthly Electricity Revenue in a snapshot year

Total control and full ownership when you own your solar panel system from the start.

20 years of revenue, paid to you monthly by your hydro company!

It is just that easy to earn an extra income with Polaron Solartech!

  • Estimated Monthly Electricity Revenue (CAD$)


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  • Offset your increasing hydro bills

    An annual income of up to $4000 which can be used to cover hydro bill payments for the year. This allows the money earned from solar to power your home.

  • Added value to your property

    20% increase in getting homes sold faster at 3-4% higher then asking price.

  • 20 plus year warranty

    Polaron has a 20 plus year performance warranty to ensure the system runs smoothly for the 20 year term. This warranty also guarantees that the efficiency of the system remains consistent and able to run at a minimum efficiency of 80% after the warranty is over.

  • Guaranteed income

    A reliable, safe and government-controlled program that offers up to $4000 of annual income. This provides customers with steady earnings that can reach up to $80,000 after their 20 year contract.

  • Ready for Net-metering

    Receive a credit for your excess solar power at the utility’s going rate for electricity

  • Capital Cost Allowance

    Capital cost allowance will offset your revenues generated on an annual basis, as per CRA rules


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20 plus

Year Product Warranty


Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Polaron Solartech Corp is a BBB accredited business that strives to provide customers with the best innovative solar programs in Canada. We offer an all-inclusive package that includes design developing, financial planning, installation and professional maintenance.

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