Polaron Solartech’s Technical Training in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB, May 15th, 2017 – Polaron Solartech Corp., one of the leaders in Ontario residential solar market just closed its technical training session in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Collaborating with Manitoba Hydro, Polaron organised a one-day seminar called “Solar Energy, A Powerful New Business Opportunity In Manitoba”. The event welcomed solar business owners, installation companies, and electrical companies. Current solar energy programs, regulations, and application processes were thoroughly explained by acclaimed guest speakers from Manitoba Hydro.

Polaron covered innovative and engaging topics which included: complete solar project process, competitive products in the solar system, solar project development, project design, and installation. Other than the above general topics, Polaron also shared their assessment regarding the potentials of solar energy in the Canadian market.

Due to the emphasis on renewable energy in Ontario Climate Change Action Plan and government continuing sponsorship, solar energy has been increasingly adopted by Ontario homeowners. Polaron announced in April 2017 that it represents a third of the residential solar market share in Ontario since the year. Manitoba is Polaron’s next goal in expansion of its green footprints.

Polaron Solartech Corp. is a subsidiary of Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd., one of the largest solar developers in the world. Through a combination of operational expertise, scalable solar solutions, and an innovative consumer-friendly financing model, Polaron Solartech has helped over 1,000 customers to go solar so far.

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