Polaron Solartech Corp. Wins Ontario Sustainable Energy Award


The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association(OSEA) has honoured Polaron Solartech Corp. with the Powering

Prosperity Award: The 2017 Most Innovative Business Model.

OSEA Annual Awards honours the visionaries and innovators of the sustainable energy sector. This year

Polaron’s Share Solar and Co-investment Programs received this recognition for its significant contribution to

the advancement of Ontario residential solar sector.

Understanding that the significant cost of a solar system is the number one obstacle preventing homeowners

from participating in government solar programs, Polaron Solartech Corp. created the Solar Share Program

which promotes greater number of residential rooftop solar system installations, while rewarding customers

with up to $3000.00. Polaron Solartech Corp. also offers a Co-Investment Solar Program which provides an

opportunity for homeowners to invest to tailor their investment in the solar system to fit their budget.

Mohan Wang, Vice-President of Polaron Solartech Corp, says “An innovative business model can make a big

difference for the clean energy industry. Our programs make solar more affordable and accessible to everyone

in Ontario. Despite all the significant achievements, there is still room for improvements; therefore, we are

committed to creating more innovative business model to market place.”

Polaron Solartech Corp. is a subsidiary of Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd., one of the largest solar developers in the

world. Through a combination of operational expertise, scalable solar solutions and an innovative consumer

friendly financing model, Polaron Solartech represents a third of the residential solar market share in Ontario

and has helped over 1,000 customers go solar.

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