Long-awaited Debut, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’

By Linda Li, Media Consultant at Polaron Solartech Corp.

July 28th 2017

Making its long-awaited debut, ‘An inconvenient Sequel’ is hitting theaters today (July 28th, 2017). On the heel of the controversial 2016 election, where the nominated party stood firmly against the validity of climate change, Al Gore, once again shows us the daunting reality many are trying to ignore. 11 years ago, Gore made his critically acclaimed documentary, ‘An inconvenient truth’, bringing much needed light on the effects of climate change to the public. Years later, the fight is still raging. The inconvenient truth about climate change and the future of our planet carries on louder than ever.

The film is impactful, because it is real. As Gore mentions in the film, real changes can be made too. Solar and other renewable energy options are on the rise, because everyday more and more people are seeing the blatant result of years of carelessness and its devastating consequences. As Canadians, and even more simply put, people who are sharing this planet, we can choose to make a difference, even in small doses. Polaron understands this and will continue to strive to fight for our planet. We urge everyone to do the same and see the film and the truth behind it. An inconvenient sequel

Getting solar panels and contributing to the solution is easier than ever, especially with the variety of plans provided by us. Working together we can all do our parts to help, and Polaron promises an effortless stress-free process. An inconvenient sequel, truly inconvenient because it’s taken us so long to make real changes. #beinconvenient 

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