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  • The best part of the whole installation process for me is that the actual installation of the new roof and panels took place in one day. Polaron took care of I learned that there are many steps to the process and that the homeowner needs to be engaged and cooperative.  Having said that I feel that my effort was worth it as now I feel we are giving something back instead of taking as we are now generating green energy to offset what we use. Hopefully this will be the first step in others realising how easy it can be to generate green energy.  I hope to see more panels on our street.  When I fly into Toronto you can see the panels from the air when you are landing.  Not too many yet and lots of potential for other homeowners to get on board. You are well organized and I appreciate the prompt communication and answers to my questions as the application and installation process took place.
  • The whole installation process for me was completely carefree.  Polaron took care of the whole Microfit application and installation process. I learned that the micro-inverters used by Polaron Solartech convert the direct current to alternating current which can be used by households. It is a way to participate in the MicroFIT program without any cost to us. Not only that, after 20 years, we will get the entire solar panel system for free!
  • The whole process from signing to installation went well.  I was explained how the solar system works and was given lots of reading materials to guide me for the process. The staff from Polaron Solartech was very helpful, courteous and would always promptly return my calls or email me back. I would endorse future projects and would recommend anyone interested if they choose solar
  • The whole process went through without any issues. To get the solar panels installed is much easier than I expected. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in solar and save money from the clean energy.
  • Polaron called us before the installation and the technician find out our roof problem. It helped us avoid future damages for my house. It is clean energy, and after 20 years we can reduce our Hydro bill directly. Yes, their customer service is perfect.
  • I came across Polaron during my research into local Solar System companies. I must have spoken to at least half a dozen companies and I have to say that Polaron was the most responsive.  They provided me all the information I required, customer service during and post installation was second to none. Any issues or concerns I had was dealt with expeditiously and to my greatest satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend Polaron to anyone, in fact, I already have referred my friends. We are very impressed with these guys!!
  • Polaron was the only solar power company at the Green Environment show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre about 2 Years ago. The conducted studies before presenting the concept and plan to my family. The sales manager is extremely helpful and friendly. The improved technology of micro inverters, the higher efficiency panels, the worry free co-investment plan, the good installation and construction on the roof was all my favorite part while working with Polaron.  Other customers should consider Polaron just because of great experience and high quality in service and project I received.  My biggest benefit is that the Solar System is truly green. No harmful emissions to the environment and it can supply almost all my household electricity needs when I switch over to the Net-metering program. In the end, solar powered energy is affordable, and several investment schemes are available; thus, extremely flexible and allow all homeowners eligible.
  • John Melville

    Project Address: Turnstone Cres, Mississauga, ON
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    Project Address: County Rd 8, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0
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    Project Address: Mary Pearson, Markham
  • Venkata R.K. Batchu

    Project Address: Eastvale Dr, Markham
  • Lily Liu

    Project Address: Haven Hill Square, Scarborough, ON M1V 1M3
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    Project Address: 22 Ridgevale Drive
  • Tin Cheung John Hu

    Project Address: 2961 Bur Oak Ave

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