It Is Still Possible To Save The Planet, But It Is In Our CONTROL

Coral photo from the documentary Chasing Coral Credit: XL Catlin Seaview Survey - The Ocean Agency

Credit: XL Catlin Seaview Survey

By Sue Li, Marketing Associate at Polaron Solartech Corp.

July 21st 2017

One giant step backward for Ontarians this week when Hydro One announced its partnership with Avista Utilities. Avista is based in Spokane and it distributes electricity and natural gas in Washington State, Oregon, Montana and Idaha, with an outpost in Alaska. Those that are not aware, Avista also owns slices of Colstript plant’s, they like the reliability coal provides and stable cost; however, the damage to climate change is irreversible.

What Ontarians need to understand is that Colstrip is illegal in Ontario since 2015; however, pollution does not stay within boarders. Coal exhaust is dirty and loaded with carbon dioxide, the major contribution to climate change. Taxpayers money is being used for dirty air south of the boarder instead, that supports Colstrip mine’s instead of clean energy.

What can we do – Take action as homeowners and join Ontario’s microFIT program, and start supporting clean energy. The damages caused by climate change is irreversible! Across the country people are tuning into Chasing Coral, a film directed by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhodes, as an Exposure Labs production. It includes underwater footages from around the world, illustrating damages to a whole ecosystem due to climate change. If we continue to take steps backward climate change rates will increase. It is still possible to reduce the rate; however, that is within OUR CONTROL TODAY!

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